SightSeeing in Riviera Maya

Relax & Enjoy the Sights & Sun while Sight Seeing in the Riviera Maya

Why would anyone want to leave the relaxing atmosphere of their resort?

To experience the beauty you are missing by being on the inside looking out!       

There is nothing like being on the open water feeling the warm tropical breeze and soaking up the sun while experiencing the dazzling scenes of the coastline around Playa Del Carmen.   

You will be amazed by the intermingling of lush jungle, white sand beaches and beautiful resorts from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea right off Playa Del Carmen.

You may even view sea creatures you would never see from your resort.    

AMAZING sunsets!  If you think the sunsets are amazing from your resort – you have got to experience them from the open water.  The spectacular sky reflected on the water makes you feel like you are right in the sunset!    

There really is no comparison to being on the outside looking in to the spectacular coastline of Playa Del Carmen and Riviera Maya.



Want to mix it up? 

Sight Seeing + Snorkeling?

Sun Bathing + Sunset Cruise?

Want to mix your tour with some fishing or snorkeling- no issues – we can accommodate you!   Just let us know at time of booking – shoot us an email from our contact page.

sunset cruise

sun and fun

view of beach